A New Studio

Earlier this year we moved house: the new house is larger, and one of the great benefits for me is the chance, for the first time, to create a dedicated studio for my patchwork, quilting, and other textile work.  The room is generous: 5 x 5 meters, with sloping ceilings on two sides (it’s on the third floor of our house) and a blank canvas as far as layout. The room was in need of a makeover: truly horrible paint colours, rotten old carpet etc etc. But it had potential!   We stripped off all the old paint and wallpaper, ripped out the carpet, moved the two side walls under the sloping ceiling as far back as possible (winning 30 cm on one side of the room, deep enough for the bookcases, and over a meter on the other side of the room, creating an area for stash storage, x m2 of floor space in all), replaced the floor, painted the walls, door, radiator and ceiling, and updated the electrics.

Partial view

The studio will be furnished with a combination of existing and newly acquired furniture.  In our previous home I sewed in the utility room, and had to put everything away every time I wanted to do a load of washing or some ironing or get sheets out of the linen closet!  I am so looking forward to having a space just for sewing!  Because the studio is going to be white, and because I like (and worry about the future of) polar or ice bears, I am celebrating the move with a new name: Ice Bear Quilts.  This also works as a name in Dutch, handy for a bilingual blog!

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