A Birthday Witch


A good friend has just turned 50 – she’s very keen on all things Halloween and Witch, so I made her a wall hanging from a Joined at the Hip design: ‘The Witch is In‘ , using suitable Halloween style fabric and colours.  After machine piecing the background, I fused the applique and then stitched the edges down with a fine zig-zag stitch on the machine, with thread that matched the fabric.  Then I machine quilted it. 

I particularly like the purple bats with stars on their wings! I changed the pattern to give the spider eight legs; in the original he only had six, poor thing!

' The Witch is In' wall quilt

‘ The Witch is In’ wall quilt


I also made the quilt label on the back in the shape of the Witch’s shoe, and wrote on it with a permanent marker who made the quilt and for which (witch??) occasion.  The photo isn’t great, as the quilt was hastily pinned to my design wall at the time, so it looks as if the sides are curved towards the bottom, but they are straight really! I was sewing down to the line on this one, hand sewing the binding on an hour before the party!

My friend  loved it, and is going to hang it on the wall above her desk in her study at home. 

The quilt label on the back of the quilt

The quilt label on the back of the quilt



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