Design wall update no.1

So, what is on the design wall this week? Well, quite a lot actually (it’s not that big after all!). 

There is a  16″ ‘Carpenter’s wheel‘  block, made from left over Jelly Roll strips in shades of red and blue, waiting to have a border added and to be transformed into a cushion, a 16″ ‘ Blackford Beauty‘ block waiting to be sewn together in Christmas colours (also Jelly Roll strips) as a gift for my mother (that’s going to be Christmas 2013, I’m afraid, Mum!), also destined to be a cushion,  and 12 12″ patches for a sampler quilt from Pam & Nicky Lintott’s book ‘ Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts‘.

16" Carpenter's wheel block

16″ Carpenter’s wheel block



16" Blackford Beauty block in Christmas colours

16″ Blackford Beauty block in Christmas colours










The sampler quilt blocks are made from Moda’s Fabric for a cause – Hope series.  One of the blocks is a substitution of my own design (right column, second row from bottom), an altered form of a ‘ Love in the mist‘ block, as I don’t like the ‘Card trick‘ block that was included in the original quilt.   Now I just have to decide which order I want all the blocks in, to get a good distribution of colours, light and dark and star shapes.  To do this I have photographed each block and uploaded the photo’s to my computer.  Now I can play with different quilt layouts until I find the one I like, then I’ll print it out for reference, head for the studio,  add the sashing, cornerstones and border that are part of the pattern and start quilting!


The twelve 12" blocks for the sampler quilt

The twelve 12″ blocks for the sampler quilt


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