A birthday owl

My husband has just recently celebrated his birthday, and as he has reached an age where he should have garnered a little wisdom  (well, I hope so!!) I made him a cushion for the den featuring an owl (the traditional symbol of wisdom). The owl is based on a pattern that can be downloaded from Allpeoplequilt.com. 

The original pattern is for a wool pillow with a zipper trim round the edge and eyes made of coiled rick-rack, but I thought the zipper trim wouldn’t be very nice to snuggle up against, so I replaced it with a folded sewn in binding and made the eyes from a couple of big buttons. The placement of the buttons turned out to be crucial: to close to the middle and the owl was cross-eyed and too high up he just looked stupid!

I made the cushion from flannel and fusible appliqued it using YLI machine quilting thread. The back is pieced from a combination of the flannel background fabric with leaves and the warm rust colour from the owl’s tummy. There is a label on the back explaining the occasion for which it was created.  Because the cushion is rectangular, I couldn’t buy a cushion pad to fit, so made my own using a spare pillowcase cut to size and hemmed on the serger and stuffed with pillow stuffing.  

The cushion is nice and warm and soft, my husband likes it, it tones well with the decor in the den  and it only took an evening to make. A good quick project.

Owl cushion blog

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