Design wall update no.2

There  have been some recent changes on the design wall: 

The design wall this week.

The design wall this week.

I have decided on the order I want to place the blocks for the sampler quilt, so the blocks are down and I am cutting sashing and cornerstones so that I can finish piecing the top. I have tried to achieve a good balance of the star shapes in the sampler quilt combined with the colours. The real top will of course have sashing, cornerstones and borders…

The block layout for the sampler quilt

The block lay-out for the sampler quilt



The Blackford Beauty and Carpenter’s Wheel blocks are also now in the process of being turned into cushions, so are literally off the wall!.

New on the design wall is Spot the Dog, a wall hanging from a pattern by Country Threads (Spot #642). The pattern can make a smaller or a larger quilt, I have chosen for the smaller version, as the quilt is to hang on the wall in my husband’s hobby room. Spot is a combination of patchwork and applique in glowing colours set of with black. Spot pops!

Spot the dog wallhanging

Spot the dog wall hanging


Also on the wall this week the beginnings of two quilts using designs by Lily Pad from B.C. in Canada, based on Northwest Coast Native Art: a hummingbird and a loon, both appliqued to a mottled background fabric.

Pacific Northwest hummingbird

Pacific Northwest hummingbird



I think the hummingbird is destined to be a cushion: I have a great batik in the same colours (purple and gold) with Pacific Northwest motifs, but the loon is going to be a wall hanging, with black, red and white fabric (also some batiks) added to the basic block now on the design wall. What I really like about the loon, is that according to First Nations mythology, the loon taught women how to sew (and men how to fish), so how appropriate is that? 

Pacific Northwest loon

Pacific Northwest loon



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