Studio shelves

Finally the shelves are hung on the wall in the studio, clearing all the clutter off the cutting surface and the soon-to-be pressing surface. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it was clear that I needed to get equipment of the work surfaces to be able to use them efficiently. The planks for the shelves have been in a corner for quite some time, but this week we (self and handily DIY inclined husband) have got them on the wall. To the left of the design wall is the cutting surface, to the right of the design wall is the pressing surface. My sewing stations are in between, so together the set-up forms a shallow triangle, allowing met to cut, sew, press, sew etc etc.

The shelf above the cutting surface

I am really pleased with the result. I have hung the shelves fairly high, at about 1 metre 50 from the floor, so that I won’t bump into them when I am using the cutting or pressing surface below. Because the walls are partially sloped on two sides of the studio (we are on the third floor here) the shelf is positioned about 20 cm out from the side wall, so that the whole breadth of the shelf is usable. Tall stuff goes at the side nearest the design wall, which hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the wall the shelves hang on. In the photo above you can just see three rows of my Japanese quilt in the making, hanging on the extreme left of the design wall.  In the photo below you can see the right hand rows of the same quilt on the left.

The shelf above the pressing station

The set-up is the same for the shelf above the pressing table (to the right of the design wall). Now all I have to do is make a pressing mat to fit the worktop. I have all the fabric ingredients, so need to go to the sawyers for a suitable backing board.

The cutting shelf

So what is on the shelves? Above the cutting station I have: a quilting calender (of course!), a small container full of marking pencils, hera marker, tweezers and other small tools, a small dish with a pencil sharpener, another small dish with a fabric eraser, a pin cushion in the form of an miniature easy chair with flat headed pins, a vase of fabric flowers, and a holder for all my scissors and rotary cutters, Then a couple more pincushions, including Percy the Pink Pincushion Pig who holds hand sewing needles. and a ruler rack for smaller and square rulers. My long rulers are in racks to the left of the cutting station on top of the bookcase (just visible on the left in the first photo). My triangular rulers hang from a metal ring from the left hand edge of the new shelf, together with my small colour wheel. On the work surface at the moment:  a green scraps bin and a small lamp that I haven’t thought of a place for yet….

Pressing station shelf

The shelf above the pressing station holds most of my threads: cotton machine quilting threads on the three racks, and other types of thread in the little chest of drawers. Also pincushions (lots of these for all the different types of pin I use) and a lamp to illuminate the pressing surface. All the pressing equipment (cloths, Teflon sheets etc) is in the first drawer under the the work surface. On the surface at the moment, as well as the iron, a basket with spray starch, water etc. that I am still deciding where to house permanently. Need to do some tweaking here!

This morning I enjoyed some clutter free cutting, and hope to do the same with pressing very soon. I will be interested to see how the load on the shelves evolves…I am already planning a shelf on the wall opposite this one, so that I can clear more of the horizontal surfaces in the studio of clutter. My husband suggested that I might need less stuff, not more shelves, but I hardly think that is realistic!

Percy the Pink Pig pincushion

Percy the Pink Pincushion Pig

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