Design wall update no. 4

The design wall is sporting a new ‘quilt’, or more accurately, the patches that will become a new quilt. The quilt is a Metropolitan Quilt pattern called Amsterdam (very appropriate as I live in The Netherlands). I am making it with Heather Bailey fabrics from her Pop Garden series augmented with bright spots from Kaffe Fassett. Finished size will be 60″ by 80″ and I think it will make a good snuggle quilt for the daybed in my studio (lots of cushions on the daybed, but no quilt as yet).

The original quilt had a cheerful scrappy look, but only used 8 fabrics: I am making mine just as bright and cheerful but have used 15 different fabrics for an even scrappier effect. Partly because most of my Heather Bailey fabrics were fat quarters, whereas the pattern calls for half yards….

A close up of a couple of patches.

A close up of a couple of the fabrics used for the patches.

Keeping track of all the fabrics and their locations during cutting was quite complicated: I made a copy of the instructions so that I could cross the patches off as I went, and a copy of the layout that I coloured in with coloured pencils as I went so that I could be sure that each fabric was spread over the top evenly and no two patches of the same fabric ended up side by side. In the photo below you can see the patches on the design wall. They didn’t actually fit (the wall is too small), so the bottom patches are pinned on to each other instead of sticking on the fabric design wall.

The patches for the ' Amsterdam' quilt (minus sashing) on the design wall in the studio.

The patches for the ‘Amsterdam’ quilt (minus sashing) on the design wall in the studio. On the left, the quilt is so long that a patch is resting on my cutting table.

Patches including Kaffee's zingy orange on hot pink!

Patches including Kaffee’s zingy orange on hot pink and Heather’s snazzy orange and green on scarlet!

All the patches will be separated from each other with sashing (finished width 1″), a bright white with small coloured dots from Timeless Treasures called The Pixie Pops. I’ll also use the sashing fabric for the border. The white should create a place for the eye to rest as it roves over the quilt and will tone down the colour clashes. I am hoping this will give coherence to the design! The sashing is not on the design wall (too fiddly and no room), but I’ll photograph the segments as I make them.

The sashing fabric: small dots (about 1/4") on white.

The sashing fabric: small dots (about 1/4″) on white.

The backing is also with dots, this time large dark teal dots on teal, a Moda backing fabric called, appropriately enough, Dottie.

The backing fabric: large teal dots (about 3/4") on teal.

The backing fabric: large dark teal dots (about 3/4″) on teal.

I am hoping to get started on sewing the top together this weekend: rain and wind are forecast, ideal quilting weather.

I tend to patch tops in the warmer weather and then have a quilting extravaganza in the winter, when it is less objectionable to sit behind the machine with a huge pile of cosy batting in your lap! As soon as the weather turns colder I’ll post the completed tops (with a bit of luck it’ll be four this year) and canvas opinions as to which one I should quilt first. Watch this space!

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