Hooray! Studio complete!

Well, it has taken a while, but today my studio is officially complete! Today we hung up the last shelf unit and I made the pressing board for my pressing station: they were the only two tasks still on my to do list, after I purchased a full-spectrum floor light in November, for use when hand sewing on the day bed and rearranged my books and bookcases to accommodate my ever growing collection of quilt books and magazines.

The shelf is on the wall opposite the design wall, and is actually designed for plates and glasses. I was so pleased with my ‘utility’ shelves for threads and rulers etc, that I decided to treat myself to a decorative shelf where I can store the latest issues of my quilting magazines, my novelty pin cushions and anything else small that takes my fancy! Because it is above the daybed it needed to be shallow, so the plate unit is ideal, and the magazines sit nicely where the plates would go if you hung it in your kitchen. There is a shelf below the magazine section, and also on the top, and a row of hooks underneath for hanging small stuff.

The new shelf unit

The new shelf unit

I am very pleased with the effect and know that it will remind me to read my magazines! You can just see the top of the floor lamp in the photo.

A closer view

A closer view

In the close up you can see the shelves and the hooks and the rod that holds the magazines in place: all the shelves have a lip at the front and back so that noting can fall or slide off.

I also finally made my padded pressing board for my pressing station. I have been meaning to get the board for months, but just hadn’t got around to it. A detailed description of the board is in the Tips and Techniques section of the blog, for those who are interested in how I made it, but basically it is hardwood ply board, 18mm thick, covered with insulbright, batting and iron-quick (tacked on) and backed with felt. I made it to fit the ‘pressing station’ surface.



I had been working with a tiny tabletop board atop the pressing station, which was, of course too small and too soft: for bigger projects I had to haul the ironing board from the scullery to the third floor (and back again) so I am really looking forward to using this!



I now have my ironing supplies (starch, water, lint roller etc) on the cabinet to the right of the padded pressing board, and the iron just sits on top. There is task lighting from the shelf above, so that I can see what I am doing, even in the middle of the night.

The station and the shelf above

The station and the shelf above: ready for action!

So there it is: I can hardly believe that the studio is complete and that it is mine to work in: I feel very privileged. I will have to do my best to live up to it with what I create in it! Watch this space.

A cozy reading nook

A cozy reading nook

And I guess I can always add to it if something catches my eye: I mean you know what quilters are like…..

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