An embroiderd elephant for a new baby boy!

Today one of my staff was safely delivered of a baby boy. She was over a week over time, and as it is her third (she has two little girls) we were all getting a bit nervous. So relief all round!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I always embroider a bibbed soft toy from the DMC™ Ready to Sew range as my first gift for the babies of friends and colleagues.  I knew in advance that this would be a boy, so I had an elephant ready (his sisters have a rabbit and a bear, that you can see in the Needle Arts Gallery, and I didn’t want to repeat myself), and was just waiting to hear the news and learn his name. So I put the quilt top I was working on to one side and got out my embroidery materials. I do most of my cross stitch embroidery with Danish Flower Thread, but I use DMC floss for the baby gifts as it has a nice sheen and washes so well.

The baby is called Victor, so I embroidered his name in blue and then decided to add a mouse in a dusty pink as a little decorative joke, given that the mouse is on the elephant’s bib. I rather felt that elephants and mice go together! I had to search a bit to find a small enough mouse, but there was one in a DMC French pattern book of fairy tale patterns that I had in the bookcase.

Victor's elephant, complete with mouse!

Victor’s elephant, complete with mouse!

I’ll be popping along to meet the new arrival later this week, but thought I would share his embroidered elephant on the day of his birth! A new year and a new baby: what a great combination.

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