A quilter’s paradise in New Hampshire

Fall at the lake.

Fall at the lake.

After Vermont and the heady offerings of the Shelburne Museum, our next quilty stop was Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor in New Hampshire. I have been a mail-order customer of Keepsake Quilting for years and their catalogue falling on my doormat is something I really look forward to. Over the years it has become a standing joke in our household that whenever anyone asks where we should go on holiday I suggest Lake Winnepesaukee (which just happens to be the lake Center Harbor is situated on). But if the holiday IS in New England, then all it takes is a little diversion…..

Keepsake Quilting: the 'short' side!

Keepsake Quilting: the ‘short’ side!

The shop is housed in an attractive white clap-board building, with a huge long covered verandah on the long side, where the entrance is. Once we had found it, we went and had some lunch at a nice nautically themed restaurant overlooking the lake to fortify us for the visit!

Keepsake Quilting: a part of the verandah on the long side of the shop.

Keepsake Quilting: a part of the verandah on the long side of the shop.

Well its not often that one can say this about a shop, but it was fabulous: it was like being IN the catalogue. Quilt shops just don’t come that big in Europe: it must have been at least 50 meters long by 10 deep. There were thousands of bolts of fabric, books, kits, notions, patterns and oh yes, did I mention fabric? It was a quilter’s paradise!



They ask you not to take photo’s in the shop, but had some I could use for on the blog.

And more fabric...

And more fabric…

The shop had Fall, Halloween and Christmas displays at the time of our visit, an needless to say, inspired by all the autumn beauty around me I did some thematic buying. Just as well that I was limited by my aircraft luggage allowance, or things might have gotten really out of hand!

And themed displays...

And themed displays…

So what did I succumb to? Well some fabulous fall colour batiks to make the autumn leaf appliqué quilt that I have in mind having seen the autumn leaves.

My autumn leaf batik 10" squares.

My autumn leaf batik 10″ squares.

And some pumpkin coloured fabrics for making some decorative stuffed autumn pumpkins (for next year!) and the pattern Tiny Treasure pattern by Amber Hiebert that goes with them.

The Little pumkins pattern. You can make a pumpkin from a fat quarter.

The Little pumpkins pattern. You can make a pumpkin from a fat quarter.


Pumpkin fabrics!

Pumpkin fabrics!

And a couple of fat quarter medleys (Christmas, modern prints and more autumnal hues) and a Dear Jane book and ruler. So really I think I was quite restrained, oh yes and a couple of penny rug kits!

Penny Rug kit: Now this is ready cut, so I'll have this finished for this year!

Penny Rug kit: Now this is ready cut, so I’ll have this finished for this year!

But I stayed within budget (and my flight allowance!) and I have been mooning happily over my fabrics ever since I got home. Watch this space to see what they become! And if you ever get the chance to visit Lake Winnepesaukee, don’t miss Keepsake Quilting and Mug by the Bay on Main Street make a mean sandwich!

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