Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Quilt-Along Project, week 12

Well, as I mentioned last week, week 11 saw the last of the major blocks. The first series of filler blocks for week 12, was pinwheels, and in total there were nine blocks to make.

I started with the six 4″ blocks, using some repeat fabrics from earlier blocks and a couple of first-time fabrics (the last of the first-timers will be in week 13, after that it will all be repeats). I deliberately chose to have both high- and low-contrast pinwheels, so that some of them will be subtler in the finished quilt. I made two purple blocks, two brown and two green.

The six 4" pinwheel blocks

The six 4″ pinwheel blocks


Four of these pinwheels had to have a border added to make them into 6″ blocks. I chose one my ten dark moda marbles (that I am using as the ‘plain’ fabrics in this quilt) for each the borders, and chose a colour that was already somewhere in the fabric of the pinwheel block each time. I left the two purple blocks without a border. A dark tan, a dark green, a burgundy red and a dark cream.

The 4" blocks with borders.

The 4″ blocks with borders.

Then I made a 3″ pinwheel (from a fabric that frays like crazy!) in red, yellow and green.

The 3" pinwheel.

The 3″ pinwheel.

And the two 2 1/2″ pinwheels, one in browns and one in pink and black. Both these pinwheels become the centre of other filler blocks, in week 14.

The two 2 1/2" pinwheels.

The two 2 1/2″ pinwheels.

If you look at how much of the quilt top has been completed in the photo below, where the completed blocks are cross-hatched in yellow on a photo of the original Gypsy Wife, you can see that making 9 blocks in one week is serious progress! Three weeks of filler blocks to go.

Progress in week 12. First filler blocks completed.

Progress in week 12. First filler blocks completed.

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