Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Quilt-Along Project, week 14

Week 14 of Gypsy Wife was more filler blocks: three Hourglass blocks, to be exact. I have now used all my reproduction fabrics at least once, and also all of my dark Moda Marbles at least once, so from here on in I am repeating fabrics in the quilt (I must count how many I have used in total, haven’t done that yet). Once I’ve used a reproduction fabric twice I put it to one side: if I use all of them twice then I’ll start over with using them a third time, but this way I should have a fairly even distribution of fabrics across the quilt.

To begin the first two hourglass blocks, one makes two identical centres, and then uses different fabrics for the borders to bring them up to size. The first hourglass block was a 4″ finished size, with one border.

The 4"hourglass block

The 4″hourglass block


I used green and burgundy prints for my hourglass, so that I could choose matching marbles for the border. The 4″ block has a dark burgundy border.

The second block got two borders and finished at 6″.

The 6" hourglass block.

The 6″ hourglass block.

I made the inner border dark pine green and the outer border cherry red.

Then it was time for something brighter: the third hourglass block finished at 5″ and I went with pinks and blues.

The 5" hourglass block.

The 5″ hourglass block.

I really like this one: nice and cheerful!

Week 14: hourglass blocks.

Week 14: hourglass blocks.

For week 15, there are 35 (!!) filler blocks in store, all square in a square blocks. I think I’ll be using all my fabrics at least twice at that rate! I’m heading back to the cutting table. If you want to see all my Gypsy Wife blocks so far in one place, then check out my Gypsy Wife Pinterest Board at



Progress week 14.

Progress week 14.



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