Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Constructing the sections: Sections 8 & 9

Well, what can I say? A public holiday and the weather not really nice enough to be gardening or otherwise active out of doors…and the Gypsy Wife awaits!

I have now made sections 8 and 9 (although working, as I am, left-to-right on the quilt-top, I made section 9 first). 

Section 8

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: section 8

Both sections went together without too much bother: everything fitted, I am glad to say. One tip, for others who are perhaps embarking on the journey that is Gypsy Wife: be alert as to which way your strips are orientated in the different sections if you are working with directional fabrics. For example, in section 8 (photo above) I had three fabrics where this was important: the yellow floral one strip from the right, and the red swirl two strips in from the left: both of these fabrics have a left-to-right orientation (stems to the left, flowers to the right), and the blue strip along the left edge, where all the motifs pointed down. So it was important to keep the pattern elements going in the same direction as in the already constructed section 10. Luckily, I didn’t get caught out by this, but it would be easy to do, and I think the result would be quite distracting in the finished quilt.

Section 9

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: section 9

After I made each section I hung them on my design wall, which is why they look a little squint in the photos: the design wall fabric hangs as a loose panel, so ripples a bit… I think a design wall of some sort is crucial for this stage of the quilt.

Then I sewed sections 8 and 9 together.

Sections 8 & 9

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: sections 8 and 9

I am pleased with how the top is coming together: every now and then there is a serendipitous fabric juxtaposition that I like: such as the blue patterned stripe at the edge of section 8 being the same fabric used in the block to the left in section 9: pure coincidence, as apart from making sure no strips touch a fabric the same as themselves, and trying to keep the strip colours nice and varied, I haven’t looked at where the strip fabrics are elsewhere in the blocks.

So then I sewed the 8 and 9 unit to section 10, which completes the left-hand third of the quilt top. It is way to long for my design wall, but that’s where its hanging, anyway.

Sections 8, 9 & 10

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: sections 8,9 & 10

Now I am carrying on with strip cutting for sections 6, 5 and 3 (section 4 has no strips, only blocks) which all overlap each other. Progress report as soon as there is some!

2 responses to “Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Constructing the sections: Sections 8 & 9

  1. I have seen many versions of this quilt on line. Your fabric selection makes this my favorite. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing your progress!

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