Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Constructing the sections: Section 7

After yet another period of very hot weather, today it was briefly cooler, so it was on with Section 7 of my Reproduction Gypsy Wife.  Although not the largest section that I have constructed so far, I did find it the most challenging, principally because it had three partial seams, two of which were each side of a 4 1/2″ strip! I really had to think through the order for sewing everything together not to get into problems, as it wasn’t immediately obvious (well, to me, at least) which partial seam to sew first, and because several of the blocks and strips didn’t line up with each other as they had in earlier sections (which is why the partial seams are necessary).

But thinking out the construction order before sewing is like measure twice, cut once: as long as you do it, it turns out okay!

So now I have completed Section 7 and have only got Section 6 to go before I can finish the top.

Section 7

Reproduction Gypsy Wife, Section 7

I am glad I started on the ‘easy’ left side of the quilt (sections 8, 9 & 10) and not with this one! Especially as wrangling two 36″ sections, half joined to each other by two off-set partial seams 2″ long was involved!

I had to seam a few pieces together to make a couple of the longer strips, as they are longer than the fat quarters I have used to make the quilt. I joined the two strip sections with a diagonal seam, just as one would in a border or binding, and it never ceases to amaze me how nearly invisible the joins are once the strips are sewn into the top.

Section 6 to follow as soon as possible!

2 responses to “Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Constructing the sections: Section 7

  1. Hang in there, Fiona! You can see the finish line and the quilt is wonderful! You will feel such pride when you finish it!

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