Reproduction Gypsy Wife: constructing the sections: section 6

Well, I have finally finished Section 6 of my Reproduction Gypsy Wife, the last section I still had to construct.

It has been longer than usual since I sat behind my sewing machine or posted on my blog, for personal reasons: in the last two months I lost first a close friend (and fellow sewist) and then, completely unexpectedly, my father, John. He was a very special man, with wide-ranging interests and many and varied skills, of which, unusually for his generation, machine sewing was one. It was John who first taught me to sew on a sewing machine, and he could sew a mean seam himself: when I was a child I remember him making, amongst other things, a four-person tent (!), down-filled sleeping bags, woollen mountaineering shirts for himself and my brother and a dress for my mother from some shiny slippery brownish-orange material (well this was the 1970’s!). 

I have offered to make my mother a memory quilt from his cotton shirts, which she has said she would like, so that is a project I hope to be starting some time soon.

But this week it was time to pick up the thread, both figuratively and literally, so I upped and tackled Section 6, the most complicated of the Gypsy Wife sections (in my opinion). Again this is a section where you have to look carefully at the construction order of the individual patches and units, as it includes three partial seams, and won’t go together if you don’t get it correct. Happily, I did, and it all went together without any problems.  

Section 6

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: Section 6

I had to join a couple of strips to make the longer strips for this section, too, but again the joins are almost invisible.

So the next step is to sew the 10 sections together to make the completed top. I have already used more than 750 metres of thread in piecing the patches and sections together. I am curious how much thread I will have used by the time the quilt is actually finished!


One response to “Reproduction Gypsy Wife: constructing the sections: section 6

  1. Fiona – My sincere sympathies on the loss of your friend as well as your father. It sounds like you’ve had a trying summer, too. I think it’s very interesting that your father sewed – even a tent! How fun! And now you will make a memory quilt – I hope you’ll share that with us. It’ so sad to lose those we love. Peace and love being sent your way.

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