Reproduction Gypsy Wife: top complete!

It is done! I have finally completed my Reproduction Gypsy Wife quilt top. I am so pleased to have the whole top together. 

There is no sewing order given in the pattern instructions, and looking at the lay-out diagram of the sections makes it clear that it can’t be done without two partial seams, so for those of you still on the Gypsy journey, here’s what I did. It worked very well: the sections all went together and fitted without any problems!

construction order

The sewing order I used for joining the sections


I had already sewed sections 8 to 9 and then 8/9 to 10, which forms the unit for the left hand half of the quilt. I had also sewn section 1 to 2 (one partial seam there, the strip on the right). So today I sewed section 3 to section 1/2, and then section 4 to section 7 (with a partial seam between 4 and 7, open towards the bottom, so I could add section 6 without having to have a set-in seam). Then I sewed section 4/7 to sections 1/2/3. Then I added section 5 to section 1/2/3/4/7. Then I attached section 6 to the underside of sections 4/5 (already joined in 1/2/3/4/5/7) before completing the partial seam to join sections 4/6/7. That completed the right hand side of the quilt. Then I sewed section 8/9/10 to section 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 and that completed the top!

And here it is:

Gypsy complete top

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: completed top

Not the best photo, I’ll try and take a better one soon; the quilt is broader and longer than my design wall, so the side strips are rippling in the photo, but it gives a good idea.

I am very pleased with how this has worked out, and am looking forward to quilting and binding it. I had been considering piecing the back from left-over fabric from the front, but I have decided to buy yardage for the back, because of the multiplicity of seams in the top: I don’t want to make the quilting more difficult by having lots of seams in the back as well! So I will be looking for a nice green reproduction fabric (green is my favourite colour) for the backing and binding. That will have to wait a few weeks, as I will be travelling in the mean time, but there are quilt shops en route, so who knows!

Further news of progress, as and when.

3 responses to “Reproduction Gypsy Wife: top complete!

      • Hi Gayle, to make the quilt into a Queen or King size, you have basically two options: you could add a border (pieced or plain), or borders to bring it up to size, although they would have to be fairly substantial in the length, as the quilt is 12″ shorter than a bed length (80″), so you would need to add at least 6″ top and bottom. The quilt is almost as wide as a Queen (it is 59″ and a Queen is 60″), but much narrower than a King (78″). To make a Queen width, you could just add a long single strip with a finished width of 1″ (like the strips in the quilt) to each side of the quilt: that would give you enough width. Then you just need to add 6″ finished depth top and bottom: there are lots of possibilities: you could do that with a series of 6″ blocks (using patterns from the quilt) divided by strip sections (horizontal or vertical or both), or you could sew 6 horizontal strips, made up of 1″ strips to the top and bottom. The second option for increasing the quilt size, which is really only suitable for a King version, would be to make extra width by replicating part of a couple of the sections. For example, you need an extra 19″ for a King width: you could remake sections 8,9 and 10 (in new colours) and attach them to the right hand side of the quilt top: that would give you an extra 20″ width. If you made the sections with different fabrics that the first ones, and maybe swapped out a few of the blocks for others the same size, I think that would look okay. Then you would just have to add a top and bottom border, as for the Queen, as the length is the same (80″). If you are going to use it on a specific bed, I would recommend measuring the bed and the drop carefully first, so that you make the top the size you need! The queen and king sizes are general sizes only, and vary somewhat from country to country and place to place. I would love to here how you get on. Good luck!

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