Reproduction Gypsy Wife: top complete!

It is done! I have finally completed my Reproduction Gypsy Wife quilt top. I am so pleased to have the whole top together. 

There is no sewing order given in the pattern instructions, and looking at the lay-out diagram of the sections makes it clear that it can’t be done without two partial seams, so for those of you still on the Gypsy journey, here’s what I did. It worked very well: the sections all went together and fitted without any problems!

construction order

The sewing order I used for joining the sections


I had already sewed sections 8 to 9 and then 8/9 to 10, which forms the unit for the left hand half of the quilt. I had also sewn section 1 to 2 (one partial seam there, the strip on the right). So today I sewed section 3 to section 1/2, and then section 4 to section 7 (with a partial seam between 4 and 7, open towards the bottom, so I could add section 6 without having to have a set-in seam). Then I sewed section 4/7 to sections 1/2/3. Then I added section 5 to section 1/2/3/4/7. Then I attached section 6 to the underside of sections 4/5 (already joined in 1/2/3/4/5/7) before completing the partial seam to join sections 4/6/7. That completed the right hand side of the quilt. Then I sewed section 8/9/10 to section 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 and that completed the top!

And here it is:

Gypsy complete top

Reproduction Gypsy Wife: completed top

Not the best photo, I’ll try and take a better one soon; the quilt is broader and longer than my design wall, so the side strips are rippling in the photo, but it gives a good idea.

I am very pleased with how this has worked out, and am looking forward to quilting and binding it. I had been considering piecing the back from left-over fabric from the front, but I have decided to buy yardage for the back, because of the multiplicity of seams in the top: I don’t want to make the quilting more difficult by having lots of seams in the back as well! So I will be looking for a nice green reproduction fabric (green is my favourite colour) for the backing and binding. That will have to wait a few weeks, as I will be travelling in the mean time, but there are quilt shops en route, so who knows!

Further news of progress, as and when.

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