Design Wall Update No. 6

Now that the Gypsy Wife top is complete, I have the use of my larger design wall again. Hooray! So what is on it at the moment?

Well, two small quilts in progress, both wallhangings. Before Christmas I got four lovely fabrics from a range called ‘Even a Mouse’ by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics.

Even a mouse

‘Even a Mouse’ Fabrics, plus two Kona Cottons

The feature fabric shows animals (including, of course, mice) peeping out of Christmas Stockings on a grey background. There were two fabrics with Christmas tree/candelabra shapes (one green, one red and pink) and one with coloured spots on a blue background. They are very bright, and I loved them, but what to make? I only had a 1/2 yard of each, and as the stockings on the animal print are each a couple of inches long I didn’t want to cut the animal fabric too small. So I decided to make a small wallhanging, with at least one big patch for the feature fabric. So I set to work in Electric Quilt 8.

I designed a square wall hanging 24″ x  24″ (small enough that I could cut the borders without having to piece them), with a panel 8″ x 16″ for the feature fabric. This is also narrow enough to hang on the side of the chimney breast in our sitting room. A regular small wall-hanging location.

ModernMerryMouse 2

My Merry Mouse quilt design

To provide a bit of relief for the eye in all the patterned fabrics, I added two solid Kona cotton fabrics to the mix: a bright pink (Azalea) to frame the feature panel and a bright green (Grass) for the binding.

I fussy cut the feature fabric, and then sewed everything together.

Modern Merry Mouse DW

Merry Mouse top on the design wall

I am really pleased with how this is shaping up: it is bright, modern and cheery. Now considering how to quilt it.

Then it occurred to me that it would also be useful to have a design for a small rectangular quilt using feature fabric, so I went back to work in EQ8 and adapted the pattern to make a wallhanging 24″ x 36″, with space for two feature panels.

Long mouse 2

My 24″ by 36″ wall hanging design

So now I am playing with that design too, using feature panels cut from a panel I was once given, but didn’t like as a whole. I fussy cut two panels that I did like and have  surrounded them with a green shot cotton. I have made two strips of soft pink and yellow calico prints, that echo the colours in the panels.  I am now experimenting with the placement: big panel top or bottom, left or right. Not sure yet, but I think big panel at the bottom as the little one has more sky, and the building is small so looks further away.

Merry Mouse DW

The Merry mouse top (right) and the beginnings of a rectangular version (left)

I’ll post again when I’ve decided where everything goes and chosen the fabric for the outer border and the binding. Good luck with your projects in 2018, everybody!


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