Design Wall Update no. 7

Time for a quick peak at what is on the design wall, now that the Little White Farmhouse quilt is finished, and the Merry Mouse quilt is awaiting quilting.

Another design of my own (although the block is so basic that, frankly, that is a bit of a claim!), drawn up in EQ8. This time for a lap quilt using 2 1/2″ strips. I am calling it Winter Rainbow (we are getting a lot of rain and sleet at the moment, so the name is quite apposite).

Winter Rainbow Design

Winter Rainbow design

I am using two 2 1/2″ strip rolls that I already had in my stash, ‘Roll-ups’ from Robert Kaufman, one of ‘Ash’ and one of ‘Dark’ Kona Cottons. From the multi-coloured roll I have extracted a selection of rainbow coloured tints and shades, and paired them with the ash grey strips.

I sewed the strip pairs together, and then cut them into 4 1/2″ segments. When I ran out of a colour (there is only one strip of each in the roll) I just moved on to the next closest.

Winter Rainbow 1

A rainbow of grey and coloured blocks

This was too many blocks for the size of my design wall, hence the pinned on extra rows top and bottom! Now I have sewn the blocks together in pairs in each row, so you  get a better idea of where I am going with this from the photo below. And yes, I have spotted the rotated green block pair!

Winter rainbow 2

The blocks sewn together in pairs (one rotated by mistake)

The quilt will be about 48″ x 56″ when its finished. Progress report as and when!

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