To market, to market…

Last Saturday I went to the Quilt Market in Rijswijk, near The Hague. The Quilt Market (Patchwork en Quiltdagen) is held at two different venues each year, once in the autumn and once in the spring. The market is not particularly large, but has a nice selection of Dutch and Belgian Quilt Shop vendors, with occasional vendors from Germany and France, as well as a couple of quilt exhibitions. There was a fairly international public at the market: we heard Dutch, German, French, Flemish, English, American and Italian in the crowd around us.


A 17th century building in the old centre of Rijswijk

I took my sister-in-law Brenda along; she has been learning to patch and quilt for about a year and a half now (I finally persuaded her to try and she was immediately hooked!) and is enthusiastically building her stash and acquiring tools and notions. We had a fun day out. I didn’t do very much shopping, but I enjoyed looking at the stands and exhibitions and watching Brenda stocking up on more fabric!

One of the most unusual quilts was the one below:

Quilt auto 1

Hanneke Kwakkenbos of Vlijtig Liesje – car quilt

Yes, it’s a car quilt! A Fiat 500L, to be exact, with a made-to-measure quilted cover! The quilt (and the car) belongs to Vlijtig Liesje, a quilt shop in Maarssen in the central Netherlands (Vlijtig Liesje translates as Busy Lizzie). The owner of the shop, Hanneke Kwakkenbos, got customers to contribute quilt blocks, and after a lot of measuring and stitching this is the result! The ‘windows’ are tulle, so that you can see in and out. I guarantee this was the most photographed quilt at the market! While women were looking at the quilt, every man who came near the thing lifted a corner of the quilt up so that they could see what sort of car it was! Hysterical.

Quilt auto 2

Vlijtig Liesje – car quilt, with the shop’s signature block in the middle of the front

Quilt auto 3

Hanneke Kwakkenbos of Vlijtig Liesje – car quilt

There were several exhibitions: the lay-out and number of pillars in the hall made photographing them rather tricky, but below are a few that caught my eye.

Betty Prins Irish Circles

Betty Prins – Ierse Cirkeltjes (Little Irish Circles)

Betty Prins makes quilts in traditional patterns from reproduction fabrics. Nearly all of her quilts were in shades of red, though there was a blue one, too.

Betty Prins Dear Jane

Betty Prins – Dear Jane – a token of love

Betty Prins Blue Stars

Betty Prins – Blauwe Sterren (Blue Stars)

There was a large display of modern quilts by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic, who designs for Moda and publishes with Martingale.

Brigitte Heitland

Quilts by Brigitte Heitland. The circles quilt is called ‘Clarity’ the HST quilt ‘Throwing’

Brigitte’s quilts showcase negative space, low volume prints and modern lay-outs. I thought they were great.

Brigitte Heitland Fan-tastic

Brigitte Heitland – Fan-tastic

Brigitte Heitland Tape it

Brigitte Heitland – Tape It

Brigitte Heitland Hexagon brilliance

Brigitte Heitland – Hexagon Brilliance

The Hexagon Brilliance quilt was quilted in an all-over pattern of numbers: great for the mathematically inclined in one’s life!

Hexagon Brilliance detail

Brigitte Heitland – Hexagon Brilliance, detail

Brigitte Heitland Delicate Beauty

Brigitte Heitland – Delicate Beauty

Brigitte Heitland Shine through

Brigitte Heitland – Shine Through

From a distance the Shine Through quilt looked as if it was pieced, but up-close it turned out to be appliquéd. 

Shine through detail

Brigitte Heitland – Shine Through detail

Offering a complete contrast were the spectacular quilts of Rita Verroca: they were huge, brightly coloured, complex and pieced, appliquéd and quilted by hand. 

Rita Verroca Roses of Shennandoah

Rita Verroca – Roses of Shenandoah

You don’t really get an idea of the scale from the photo’s, but each of her quilts was at least King-size. The detail of the quilting and applique was extraordinary.

Rita Verroca Prairie Trail

Rita Verroca – Prairie Trail

Rita Verroca Sundance

Rita Verroca – Sundance

So we headed for home with our goodies and a dose of quilting inspiration! Hope you enjoyed the peak at Dutch Quilt Market.

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